Portrait of Shiri Pasternak

Photo by John Paillé

Shiri Pasternak is a Toronto-based researcher, writer, and organizer.

Featured Work

2023 // Annals of the American Association of Geographers
How Colonialism Makes Its World: Infrastructure and First Nation Debt in Canada, PDF↓

2022-12-22 // Toronto Star
With Ted Rutland
The disconnect between growing police budgets and public consciousness has never been greater

2022-12-10 // National Observer
25 years on, the battle to enforce a monumental Supreme Court decision rages on

2022-08-17 // National Observer
With Patti Sonntag and Ryan Moore
Canada’s takeover of First Nations finances left a legacy of substandard homes and contaminated water

2022 // Political Geography (edited collection)
Infrastructure, Jurisdiction, Extractivism: Keywords for decolonizing geographies

2021 // A Yellowhead Institute Red Paper Report
With Naiomi Metallic
Cash Back

2020-02-07 // The Conversation
Wet’suwet’en: Why Are Indigenous Rights Being Defined by an Energy Corporation?

2020-01-15 // Globe and Mail
No, those who defend the Wet’suwet’en territory are not criminals

2020 // Yellowhead Institute Policy Brief
Why Are Indigenous Rights being Defined by an Energy Corporation?

2019 // A Yellowhead Institute Red Paper Report
With Hayden King
Land Back

2017 // Research Article Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
With Tia Dafnos
How does a settler state secure the circuitry of capital?