Shiri Pasternak


Pasternak, S. “Private Property and the Conservative Agenda: Manny Jules, Hernando De Soto, and the First Nations Property Ownership Initiative,” First Nations Strategic Bulletin, Vol. 8, Issue 9-10, October-November 2010.



Pasternak, S. “Defenders of the Land, Private Property Abolitionists.” Indypendent Reader, June 2009.


Indigenous peoples in Canada have marked the geographical limits of capitalist expansion through more than five centuries of permanent resistance. Due to the geography of residual Aboriginal lands, they form a final frontier of capitalist penetration for natural resource extraction, agribusiness, and urban/suburban development. While much of the focus of the economic crisis has centred on foreclosures and job losses in the manufacturing and service sectors, a renewed push for resources – e.g. tar sands, timber, fisheries, mining, suburban sprawl – may tread in the old vices of colonialism, but it has also been ushered in by a new political economy of indigenous dispossession, and with it, spurred a new phase of resistance.

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